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In the ancient era, our Khatri ancestors, bestowed with divine blessings from Mother Hingulaj and the grace of Lord Vishwakarma, excelled in the art of handicrafts. Originating in the region of Saraswat Pradesh, now known as Multan-Peshawar, they pioneered the intricate work of dyeing and printing on cloth. Utilizing natural minerals and vegetables, they meticulously crafted and cured colors, later establishing themselves as prominent figures in the Nagarthattha dyeing tradition of Sindh. From Multan, their expertise spread across India, where they played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of textile dyeing and printing, a laborious yet artistically enriching endeavor that thrived through generations.

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Over time, the descendants of these Brahmakshatriyas, known today as Khatri, Chhipa, Bhavasar, and other names, continued their legacy, adapting to changing times and circumstances. Settling in regions like Balotra-Siwanchi, Gujarat, and Maharashtra, they carried forth their ancestral craft, even amid challenges such as displacement and societal shifts. In Barmer, Rajasthan, our forefathers found a home for their craft, where textile dyeing and printing flourished, earning acclaim for Ajrakh, Malir, and other traditional prints. While the advent of machine printing posed challenges, recent years have witnessed a resurgence, fueled by value-added products and direct connections with customers through online platforms. Today, hundreds of families continue to uphold this cherished tradition, ensuring its progressive development and perpetuation into the future. With a customer satisfaction rate of 99.5%, our commitment to preserving and promoting this heritage remains unwavering. Jai Maa Hingulaj...

Mission & Vision

Preserve Heritage: Safeguard and promote the ancient art of Ajrakh, preserving its cultural heritage.

Empower Artisans: Provide sustainable livelihoods, fair wages, and skills development for Ajrakh artisans.

Promote Sustainability: Advocate for eco-friendly practices, making Ajrakh a symbol of sustainable fashion.

Celebrate Diversity: Honor diverse Ajrakh motifs, fostering pride in traditional craftsmanship and heritage.

Foster Collaboration: Innovate and revitalize Ajrakh, fostering cross-cultural exchange and appreciation.

Drive Innovation: Embrace modern technology while staying true to Ajrakh's traditional craftsmanship and designs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ajrakh is an ancient textile printing technique originating from the regions of Multan and Sindh, known for its intricate block-printed designs and vibrant colors.

Ajrakh printing typically utilizes natural dyes derived from plants, minerals, and other organic sources, along with hand-carved wooden blocks for printing.

The process of making Ajrakh involves several stages, including hand block printing, dyeing, washing, and drying, all done meticulously by skilled artisans.

Ajrakh textiles are commonly used for garments, home furnishings, accessories, and decorative items, showcasing its versatility and cultural significance.